Product number: 406

Made in Germany – our fretsaws are solely manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany. The manual assembly ensures high quality fineness. Our brand PEBARO stands for high quality standards. We associate our name and the composition of our products with excellence and offer products which provide pleasure and enjoyment.


  • Fretsaw frame
  • wooden cutting table with clamping notch
  • clamp
  • fretsaw blades
  • wing nut spanner
  • steel hammer
  • pincers
  • tenon saw
  • round file
  • flat file
  • large screwdriver (flat)
  • 2 small screwdrivers (phillips + flat)
  • awl
  • fretwork drill
  • brace with drill
  • vice
  • wooden mitre box
  • wooden square
  • directions for use
  • packed in cardboard box
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