Fretwork Kit in Plastic Carrying Case


  • Fretsaw set in a practical carrying case

Fretwork Kit in Plastic Carrying Case

Product number: 640

This plastic carrying case is very popular with children and a great alternative to wooden cases! Additional subdivided compartments and the box cover are very handy for storing tools and other equipment. Our plastic carrying case contains everything a young hobbyist needs to start right away!


  • Fretsaw frame
  • cutting table with clamping notch
  • clamp
  • fretsaw blades
  • wing nut spanner
  • plywood pattern size A6 printed
  • steel hammer
  • saw for metal
  • awl
  • round file
  • screwdriver (flat)
  • flatnose pliers
  • brush
  • square
  • gimlet
  • pen
  • directions for use
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