Pyrography set with on/off pen and 20 tips

Pyrography set with on/off pen and 20 tips

Product number: 0262

NEW: Pyrography pen with on/off switch and 20 tips for pyrography, soldering and cutting styrofoam

Our pyrography pen creates the most beautiful works of art on wood, leather or cork. The motifs are burned into the material. Through our large selection of different attachments such as burning tips, burning loops and branding stamps, many motifs can be burned in. The pyrography is therefore equally suitable for adults and children.


  • Pyrography on/off pen
  • iron stand
  • 9 burning tips
  • 9 branding stamps
  • soldering tip (item 20153)
  • styro cutter (item 20171)
  • directions for use

Warning notice:

  • Caution: May only be used under the direct supervision of adults. The product and its accessories must not be used by children under the age of 8 unless they are supervised.
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