Mini-Iron and Crystal Stick in One Set

Mini-Iron and Crystal Stick in One Set

Product number: 0217

Useable for various types of handiwork like ironing seams on patchworks or applying Vliesofix® (iron-on fleece) to fabrics. Also used to fix textile colors. Heating the rhinestones and rivets which are glue-pasted with the iron it is then easy to place them where one wants. So it is possible to decorate fabrics, leather, paper, glass, plastics and many other materials.


  • Mini iron with 2 heat settings
  • iron stand
  • 2 iron attachments small and large (item 20211
  • 20212)
  • 10 pickers for round rhinestones (item 0259-1
  • 0259-2)
  • 2 attachments for various types of rhinestones and rivets (item 0259-3)
  • 576 rhinestones crystal and 1 jar of rivets
  • Vliesofix® (heat glue)
  • directions for use

Warning notice:

  • Caution! To be used under thedirect supervision of adults. The product and its accessories must not be used by children under the age of 8 unless they are supervised, because it is an electrical device. The product and its accessories must be kept in a safe place. Note the safety advices in the accompanying instructions and keep them in a safe place for the entire lifetime of the product!
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